Todo List Bot

Let's Get Organised.

Organisation at the heart of your server.

Get your server organised with todo lists directly inside Discord, using self-editing messages in defined todo list channels, as well as direct to your inbox via DM.

Todo lists right
Inside Discord.

todo list bot
  • A Tool Built For You

    Create and shape your todo lists to suit your exact needs.

  • Full Permission Control

    You have complete control over who can read, write and edit your todo lists.

  • A Design That Just Works

    Todo lists edit rather than delete keeping all your todo list channels clean and tidy.

Support when you need it.

Fusion support 24/7
& live support.

For your eyes only.

Personal DM Todo Lists

Access your own personal todo list by direct messaging the bot at any time allowing you to manage your personal life all from your favourite app.

Unlimited server
todo lists.

todo list bot ipad mockup
Organise everything with multiple todo lists.


New Features Coming Soon

We want your suggestions on how to make Todo List Bot even better! Let us know what you think and your feedback is likely to be integrated into the bot.

Todo List Bot

Let’s get organised.

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