Application Bot

That’s staff sorted.

Say goodbye to Google Forms.

Bring your applications right into the heart of your Discord server with a system combining private DM applications for your users and a convenient web dashboard for your moderators.

An interface that works
with you.

  • Question Types

    Choose from a variety of question types to create your application just the way you want it.

  • Unlimited Applications

    Limitless Possibilities. Let your server members apply to as many positions as you need.

  • Unlimited Questions

    Ask as much or as little as you want from your server members.

Customisable down to every detail.

Fusion support 24/7
Complete control
at every level.

Never forget with our Application Archive.

Fusion support 24/7
Application Archive

Store every application that comes though with our dedicated Application Archive. Never lose the details that are most crucial to your applicants. Refer back to it whenever it’s needed.

Convenience for your
server members.

Fusion support 24/7
Applications Inside Discord

Application Bot allows your server members to conveniently apply inside a Discord DM whilst allowing you to review and manage the applications using a convenient web based interface.

Support when you need it.

Fusion support 24/7
& live support.

Accept or Reject.

Fusion support 24/7
With the simple press of
A button on the dashboard.

Get to know your applicants.

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Interview Channels

Enabling interview channels allows you to interview applicants in an automatically created channel that only the applicant and a specified role can see.

Application Bot

That’s staff sorted.

Our Commitment to Privacy

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