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Application Bot

Application bot provides you with application forms right in your discord server, so its goodbye to external form sites like Google Forms and hello to Application Bot for things such as staff applications; roles, bot or feature requests, and - since application bot is fully customisable - whatever you desire. Invite Application Bot to your sever today!

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SoundFX Bot

SoundFX bot is the perfect addition to your discord gaming server. Play your own custom sound effects in your voice channels, upload sound effects for others to use and enhance your gaming experience with sound effects for your team to enjoy at the perfect moment. SoundFX supports both MP3 and OGG files, and you can even block users from playing sounds to prevent people from spamming and winding you all up.

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Bot O'Clock

Bot O'Clock allows you to have active timezone clock channels in you server. With it's easy to setup online dashboard, Bot O'Clock helps your server members know what time it is in other members time zones so they know when server members will be online.

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Application Bot logo

Application Bot

Application Bot allows you to have customisable application forms inside your discord server.

Best Features:

- Customisable applciations with unlimited questions

- Accept or reject applciations complete with auto role assignment

- Full admin control with blacklisting and permissions options

- 24/7 uptime and support

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Bot o'clock

Bot o'clock is all about telling the time! It supports all timezones around the world.

Best Features:

- Live-update clocks in your channel feed

- Supports all timezones

- Check when your members will be online

- 24/7 uptime and support

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Suggestion Bot

Suggestion Bot is a useful bot for guild admins to receive feedback from their users.

Best Features:

- Users can send a suggestion using one command

- Approve or remove suggestions with reactions

- Control settings that allow banning users and setting of roles to approve suggestions

- 24/7 uptime and support

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Upload custom sound effects and play them in your voice channels like a soundboard!

Best Features:

- Play custom audio files in voice chats

- Stores audio files for playback later on

- Thousands of publically available sounds you can play

- 24/7 uptime and support

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Automaid is a specialist bot for deleting messages following a timeout.

Best Features:

- Delete messages a certain time after they're sent

- Target specific users or bots for auto-deletion

- Keep your spam channels neat and tidy

- 24/7 uptime and support

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Fusion Discord Bots is a new Discord bot network that specialises in bots that have a specific purpose which will make your Discord server better. We care about quality and customer experience and that is why all our bots are quality checked by us before we allow them to join fusion which garantees you the highest calibre of bots possible with a 99.9% uptime. In addition, to make our customer experiance as best it possibly can be, we offer 24/7 support for all our bots on one centralised support server which has a dedicated team of support agents who are always ready to answer any questions you have.